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Additively Manufactured Music Box

Additively Manufactured Music Box.

An additively manufactured music box capable of playing user-customized music.

Automated Wafer Handling Robot

Automated Wafer Handling Robot.

A low-cost, high-speed silicon wafer handling robot.

3D Shape Display

A cam-driven tile display.

A low-resolution, robotic 3D shape display.

Hand Visualization Project

Realitime wireframe hand visualization.

A realtime, 3D rendering program for visualizing hand motion.

HackTX: Hardware + Software Toolkit

Utlrasonic sensor used to measure collisions at close proximities.

A toolkit for helping visually impaired people perceive their surroundings.

Self-Balancing Robot

Arduino micro used for the self-balancing robot.

A self-balancing robot built over the summer of 2014.

Robot, Part 2

Robot, second generation.

Simple robot with ultrasonic sensor and H-bridge controller. Summer 2014.

Calculator App

My calculator app.

iOS app project. Summer 2014.

Robot, Part 1

Robot, first generation.

A robot I built and programmed from a robot starter kit. Winter 2013.

Reverse-Engineering of a Bicycle Bell

Bicycle Bell Project

A project for the 'Introduction to Engineering Design and Graphics' course for mechanical engineers.

Cardboard Lamborghini Gallardo

Cardboard Lamborghini.

A project for my sculpture class in high school.