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Self-Balancing Robot - v1.0

The self-balancing robot!

Feedback loops. Arduino micro. Gyroscope. Accelerometer. Fun.

Description for this project coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to browse over the pictures and comment below if you have a question about something. :)

H-bridge Arduino Marking the cardboard Cutting the cardboard Cutting the cardboard Stacking the cardboard pieces Plexiglass cover Cardboard Pieces Cardboard pieces glued on plexiglass Side-view showing motors in between cardboard pieces Hole cut-out for passing cables Close-up of cardboard assembly Close-up of motors Robot frame Installing the H-bridge Testing the accelerometer and gyroscope Testing the sensors before installing Sensors and H-bridge in their place Close-up of Arduino Close-up of sensors Everything glued in its place Close-up of installed H-bridge Batteries and covers placed on Close-up of Arduino and battery pack Close-up of covered H-bridge Installed Arduino Finalized assembly Close-up of covered Arduino and batter pack Final product Top-view of finalized robot Back-view of finalized robot Testing the stability system Testing the electronics Side-view of finalized robot

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