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Additively Manufactured Music Box

Additively Manufactured Music Box.

The design of an additively manufactured music box that allows a user to easily create, 3D-print, and play customized music.

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Automated Wafer Handling Robot

Additively Manufactured Music Box.

A low cost wafer handling robot to support in-line metrology in semiconductor manufacturing.

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3D Shape Display

3D Shape Display.

A cam-driven robotic mechanism for displaying 3D content through a matrix of tiles.

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Hand Visualization Project

Hand Visualization Project.

A 3D rendering program for visualizing hand movements under a robotic exoskeleton.

HackTX: Hardware + Software Toolkit

Image identifying app.

A hardware and software toolkit to help visually impaired people perceive their surroundings.

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Self-Balancing Robot - v1.0

The self-balancing robot!

Feedback loops. Arduino micro. Gyroscope. Accelerometer. Fun.

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Robot, Part 2

Robot, second generation.

Robot 2. Arduino Micro + H-bridge + ultrasonic sensors.
Summer 2014.

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